The Scariest: Blood Feast

The Scariest: Blood Feast


Having just mentioned the godfather of gore, Herschell Gordon Lewis, what a coincidence I should have randomly chosen a photo from Blood Feast (1964), an exploitationer made by . . . God in Heaven . . . Herschell Gordon Lewis, legendary for being The Grossest Filmmaker of All! We are talking not gore but gore gore gore.

Just give a glance to that poor lady in the bathtub. One of the grossest, most shocking, scariest photos that crosses over from the supernatural or the monstrous to a scene of what could be real life. Well, everyday homicides aside, and getting back to the movie: Women are dissected , organ by organ, as a madman restores life into an Egyptian goddess. This turns into a shocking spectacle as Lewis preys on vicarious needs of lowbrows.

The squeamish are hereby advised not to watch, although intellectuals and other thinking folks might get off on the sociopathic implications. Don’t miss this one . . . unless you absolutely can!

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