NOW AVAILABLE: Homecoming II: The Devil’s Payback

NOW AVAILABLE: Homecoming II: The Devil’s Payback

This is the sequel to Homecoming: A Fable, the very first amateur film, made by yours truly, that Bob Wilkins played on his series in 1971.

Gene Blodgett, star of the original, returns to join Stanley in making a documentary history but ironically becomes endangered by a ride through the new Tom Lantos Tunnel along Highway One just south of Pacifica CA.

Did the dangerous area that became known as Devil’s Slide have something to do with the Devil himself from the depths of Hell? Blodgett will find out . . . the hard way!

But that’s not all! Bonus features include the making of my feature film Nightmare in Blood (1978) and special interviews with one-time Sheriff’s Deputy John Quinlan, who patrolled the dangerous Devil’s Slide area for more than 20 years and recalls his oft-horrifying experiences dealing with accidents and alleged murders that occurred on that dangerous stretch of Highway One. Another bonus highlights the 8mm action films Stanley and Blodgett made during their high school-college years. And you’ll meet one-time homicide chief of the San Francisco Police Department, Jim Tedesco, who tells of his years working the streets of San Francisco and what it was like to be a featured player in Homecoming: A Fable.

Price for DVD: $15 plus $5 for postage and handling. You can use the PayPal link below, or send check or money order for $20 to Creatures at Large, 1082 Grand Teton Drive, Pacifica CA 94044.

Prices for online streaming and downloads: Rental, $2.99; Buy, $12.99

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