NOW AVAILABLE: The Night Creature Features Died

NOW AVAILABLE: The Night Creature Features Died

This brand-new release is historic for bringing back for the first time, since they originally aired, the final four shows in the vastly popular Creature Features series originally hosted by Bob Wilkins, and then taken over by John Stanley.

It was a sad moment in early August 1984 when Stanley, with the help of special effects artist Chris Walas and a handful of his E.T. Monsters, announced that in a month Creature Features would leave the air after a successful 14-year run in the San Francisco-Bay Area.

From the moment of that announcement, tears rolled from the eyeball sockets of the hundreds of thousands of devoted fans who had watched faithfully on Saturday nights as the hosts not only introduced old and new horror/fantasy/sci-fi flicks but interviewed famous celebrities such as Christopher Lee, Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, Boris Karloff and Ray Bradbury, among hundreds of other notables . . .

These four episodes, shown in their entirety (minus the films), include an interview segment with Chris Walas and those teary-eyed monsters he created for such horror classics as Gremlins and The Fly; Harry Dean Stanton (discussing his film Repo Man and commenting on the making of Alien); a dramatic display of horror and war comic book art by the esteemed Russ Heath; an interview with sci-fi author Harry Harrison; a bevy of gorgeous belly dancers led by the shapely Pepper Alexandria; an interview with British film historian William K. Everson; and an unforgettable performance by Bay Area actor Jon De Cles as he portrays Edgar Allan Poe reading a poem that dramatically describes the demise of Creature Features.

The final show (Sept. 1, 1984) features Bob Wilkins as my special guest as we discuss the colorful history of the series. Then you will meet a bevy of associates and friends who made major contributions to the series. This episode literally draws tears from the eyes of those who remember the show as a part of their growing-up back in the 1970s and 1980s. Also on the DVD is a Bonus Features of highlights from my six-year run as host.

Price for DVD: $15 plus $5 for postage and handling. You can use the PayPal link below or send a check or money order for $20 to Creatures at Large, 1082 Grand Teton Drive, Pacifica CA 94044.

Prices for online streaming and downloads: Rental, $2.99; Buy, $12.99. Go to

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