SINCE the days when BOB WILKINS and I came out of “retirement” in the year 2000 to attend comic book conventions, special screenings and other events, there were DVD sets we made available, as well as the 2008 documentary WATCH HORROR FILMS, KEEP AMERICA STRONG.



After the show was cancelled in 1984, I was often invited to be a guest on Bay Area TV shows as a horror film specialist. These shows have become lost in the cycle of time and were never repeated after their initial airing.
* My most glorious moment was appearing on American Movie Classics reviewing HOWARD HAWKS’ 1951 classic THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD. I first saw this film the year it was released and was utterly terrified by it. I’ve continued to watch it off and on over the years, and think that Miklos Rozsa’s score is one of the best of its kind.
* For the excellent series  FILM TRIP, hosted by DENNIS WILLIS and STEVE WAGNER, I interviewed PAUL VERHOVEN, director of STARSHIP TROOPERS.
* For I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER, which was originally presented on FILM TRIP,  I interviewed SARAH MICHELLE GELLER and director JIM GILLESPIE.
* A super-rare moment was my hosting of a six-hour GODZILLA MARATHON on Channel 36, San Jose, which features me in six segments. In some of them I actually do an interview with GODZILLA. No kidding!
* On TALKIN’ PICTURES with hostess JAN WAHL I was able to show clips of THEM, THIEF OF BAGDAD and FORBIDDEN PLANET.
* I was also part of a SUPERMAN Holiday Marathon at Channel 36 in San Jose.
* I appeared on CINEMANIA as a Batman expert.
* You’ll see my long-lost interview with San Francisco-based fantasy author FRITZ LEIBER.
* Nine minutes of highlights of my career at Channel 2 – for a total of 154 minutes.
Nearly two hours that will knock you out! (Figuratively speaking, of course!)

(Two Discs for $15 through PayPal / Check or money order to my home address: 1082 Grand Teton Drive, Pacifica CA 94044.)